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Kentucky Gun Safe & Residential Safe Experts

Every gun owner should have a safe place to store handguns and other firearms, with reliable and accessible gun safes. We can provide some of the best gun safes in addition to other types of residential safes, along with unlocking services for safes of all types. We have many types of gun and residential safes for sale in Cincinnatithat can meet your storage needs.

Gun Safes for Sale in Cincinnati

Acme Lock and Door carries many different sizes and shapes of gun safes, based on the types of firearms you need to store. Some of our gun safes are small enough to fit in tight spaces including nightstands, while others are as large as a refrigerator that can fit over 64 long guns.

We have three main classifications of gun safes: Good, Better, and Best.


Our "Good" gun safes are made of a medium-grade gauge of steel with strong bolts, with the ability to provide 20 to 40 minutes of fire protection. Gun safes in this category include brands such as AMSEC, Cannon, Big Horn, and Gardall.


The "Better" safes in our collection can provide additional fire protection, with a heavier gauge of steel and heavy-duty bolts, along with re-lockers that can help further prevent tampering and theft. Brands in this category include Gardall and AMSEC.


Our "Best" gun safes offer the highest level of protection from burglary and fire. Some of these models even include the TL30 x6 designation, which includes a top-grade steel and carbide matrix hardplate throughout the safe. Because of their difficulty to break into, these safes are also ideal for storing valuable items and important documents in addition to firearms.

Whether you want a Good, Better, or Best safe from our collection, we can provide you with a reliable product that gives your items the protection they need.

Other Residential Safes in Northern Kentucky

In addition to a wide variety of gun safes, we also offer a selection of residential safes. We carry many different types of safes, including:

  • Wall safes
  • Floor safes
  • Drop safes
  • Rotary hopper safes
  • Laptop safes
  • Timer safes

Our residential safes are also from some of the best manufacturers in the industry, such as Gardall, Hayman, Mosler, Diebold, Cannon, and S&G.

Gun Safe Showroom

If you would like to see what types of gun safes we offer, you can visit our showroom to see our full selection in person. You'll be able to see what's in our inventory and choose the best safe for your home. You can also see our selection of other residential safes.

We also offer a variety of safe services to help you get the most out of your gun safes or other residential safes. We can manipulate and open safes without drilling, repair all makes and models, deliver install them at your home regardless of size, and change combinations.

For some of the best safe products and services in Cincinnati, contact Acme Door and Lock today.

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