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Residential Locksmith


Acme Locksmith is a full service locksmith capable of taking care of any of your door, frame, garage & security needs.

We have a fleet of 14 professional locksmiths, trained in every aspect of locksmithing.  We are your COMPLETE security analysts who can help you determine what needs you have in securing your home from unwanted intruders and keep your valuables in.  We are the reason you can sleep well at night!

From lockouts to replacing old locks to repairing broken locks or just duplicating a key for you, we are happy to serve you.  The list of services we can provide is quite extensive.  Call and speak to someone on our team.  They are ready to serve you!

Some of the common brands of residential locks we sell & service include:

Arrow, Kwikset, Schlage, Dexter, Sargent, Corbin, Russwin, Lockwood, Yale, Baldwin

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  • Burglar Proof, Jimmy Proof, Security
  • Keys, Rekey Locks, Change Locks
  • Locks, Deadbolts, Thumb Turn Cylinders, Night Latches, Door Knobs
  • Keyless Entry Locksets, Electronic Locks, Digital Keypads
  • Doors & Frames: New, Replaced, Repairs
  • Garage Doors:  New, replaced, Repaired, Openers, Locks, Wireless Keypads
  • Decorative Hardware, Decorative Locks
  • Handle sets, Mortise Locks
  • Door Stops, Hinges, Peep Holes, Door Viewer
  • Sliding Glass Door Locks, Screen Door Locks, Window Locks
  • Key Chains, Lanyards
  • Padlocks
  • Safes: New & Used Sales, Opened, Repaired, Serviced, Combinations Changed
  • Camera Systems