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7 Potential Items Homeowners Can Store in Home Safes

Posted by Matt Woods on Thu, Jul 06, 2017 @ 08:00 AM

7 Potential Items Homeowners Can Store in Home Safes

Posted by Matt Woods on Thu, Jul 06, 2017 @ 08:00 AM

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7 Surprising Uses for a Home Safe

If you're thinking about purchasing a home safe, you may be unaware of all of the reasons why it's a worthwhile investment. Many people might only have one use in mind for a home safe, but there are actually plenty of uses for them that can help you get more use out of them in the long run.

Here are seven of the many ways homeowners can utilize home safes.

1. Keeping Items Safe from Thieves

Everything from valuable collectables to family heirlooms can be enticing targets for thieves. Small items of sentimental value are often easy to steal without proper protection, especially in areas where break-ins and theft often occur.

2. Providing Protection from Natural Disasters

Fires and floods—along with tornadoes and hurricanes in some areas—are common natural disasters that can result in damage to valuable contents. If your collection of valuables is too large for a safe, you may even benefit from digitizing them and keeping discs or flash drives in your safe as backup. Safes can stand up to nearly any kind of natural disaster, keeping your items consistently protected.

3. Storing Important Documents

While today's technologically advanced environment makes it easier to backup important documents such as immigration paperwork, marriage licenses, birth certificates, death decrees, and more, you can benefit from the additional protection that a safe can provide to avoid losing these essential documents.

4. Storing Jewelry

When not wearing valuable jewelry, you can keep them protected in a home safe, which is better than simply placing them in a portable jewelry box that is easy to misplace and lose.

5. Storing Cash

Cash is something that fewer people are carrying and saving, but for those who do, keeping it stored in a safe at home is potentially better than leaving it up to banks and credit unions to keep it protected.

6. Protecting Guns and Other Weapons

Whether you keep guns for sport or home protection, keeping them safeguarded at all times is a must, for both protection against thieves and to keep children away from them. A home safe can effectively lock away everything from smaller handguns to martial arts weapons and rifles, depending on the size.

7. Keeping Medication Away from Children

For individuals who take dangerous medication that can cause harm to others such as children, pets, or others who might inadvertently ingest it, it's crucial to keep this medication safeguarded at all times. A home safe can keep these medications locked and safe at all times.

Using a Home Safe for Protecting Any Items

Regardless of the use, home safes are a great way to keep your items safe from many different types of dangers, while protecting others who shouldn't have access to them.

If you would like a Cincinnati home safe or vault to store your valuables, Acme Lock can help with safe selection along with installation. Contact us today!

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