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Happy New Year from Acme Lock

Posted by Acme Lock on Sat, Jan 05, 2019 @ 10:45 AM

2018 was quite a year for us here at Acme Lock, and before we dive into the new year, we want to take a moment to look back at some of the awesome things we’ve seen this year.

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How to deal with being locked out of your filing cabinet Part 2

Posted by Acme Lock on Thu, Aug 02, 2018 @ 12:13 PM

What, we’re doing this again. Just a few weeks ago, we went over all the ways you could break into your filing, reminding you all the while that you’d be better off calling us. But you, oh you know it all, you’ve decided that you’re going to do it yourself because you just don’t want to be bothered taking the few minutes it would take to dial our number. Seriously it’s 513-241-2614, I bet you could dial that faster than I can finish this bag of potato chips. (but just barely, because seriously I’m hungry) Your bathroom still hasn’t been fixed after that viking gerbil funeral, but instead you’re going to invest your time in some of these silly ideas. Well, fine then. Here we go with some new suggestions for you.

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How to deal with being locked out of your filing cabinet Part 1

Posted by Acme Lock on Mon, Jul 02, 2018 @ 12:23 PM

Look, today was supposed to be a productive day. You had PLANS.  A trip downtown, because you’d heard that the lines at city hall were shorter in the middle of the week. Maybe you need to file your Form 10-Oh-7-C with the local government and have to show your house title, car purchase receipt, and birth certificate, all of which you keep in the locked top drawer of your filing cabinet you bought at Office City Warehouse 10 years ago. But lo and behold, the key to that drawer was eaten by your roommate’s pet gerbil 6 weeks ago and they forgot to tell you. Wouldn’t be so bad, except the gerbil died right after and your roommate flushed it down the toilet in order to give it a viking style funeral, complete with a set of burning roman candles to simulate the firey arrows.

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A Fresh Look at Glass Doors

Posted by Acme Lock on Mon, Jun 04, 2018 @ 06:25 PM

It’s a wonderful feeling as summer has come on strong and beautiful. The long grey days of winter are gone. Even though it’s only been a few months since we were still seeing snowy days, those days seem like a distant memory as the summer heat and even better the bright sun has overtaken us. As these summer days leave us feeling warm and hopeful though, there’s a frustration that’s likely to come. You still have just as many things that need doing indoors around the house. Laundry, cooking, cleaning, all the things that keep your home running like clockwork, and chances are you’re not getting to enjoy those longer days of sunlight. Look around you and see just how much of the outdoors you get to see?

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Types of Locks: What is the Difference?

Posted by Woods Hardware on Tue, May 01, 2018 @ 09:00 AM

There are many different types of locks out there. It can often be overwhelming to decide which is the right one for you. Let's look at a few of the most common lock types and what makes them unique.

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Two Reasons Why You Should Care About Your Door Hardware

Posted by Woods Hardware on Fri, Apr 20, 2018 @ 01:42 PM

Have you ever considered why the hardware on your door is important? We’re here to tell you a couple of reasons why it is necessary to care.

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How to Select & Properly Install a Hidden Home Wall Safe

Posted by Matt Woods on Mon, Aug 28, 2017 @ 01:42 PM


Homeowners who are worried about burglary incidents can always install a hidden wall safe to maximize security for valuables and safety for guns. A majority of burglars spend no more than six minutes inside of a home and will search only the most obvious places for valuables. This makes a wall safe one of the best choices for home security, and homeowners have many other options apart from simply concealing the safe behind a painting or other simple wall covering.

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Locked Out?

Posted by Matt Woods on Tue, Jul 30, 2013 @ 08:36 PM

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emergency locksmith in cincinnatiDoors and locks are great. They protect you from intruders, keep the bugs out, and keep the cat in. However, it's hard not to feel a bit betrayed when you hear that clearly audible click as the door shuts...locked... with your keys inside.

It's actually quite strange, the behaviors that humans go through under situations like this, where we've locked ourselves out of our home or car. Most of our actions actually appear to run contrary to what we know in our brains. You know for a certainty that the door is indeed locked, and yet you still reach out and try to turn the knob, often repeatedly. This is typically accompanied by reaching, again repeatedly, into pockets, as if the keys will somehow magically appear there if searched for enough times. Of course, the unstoppable need to actually set eyes on the keys will eventually overwhelm you, leading to the performance of whatever gymnastics is needed to allow you to look through the window and see the keys, likely lying wherever you left them.

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