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How to Select & Properly Install a Hidden Home Wall Safe

Posted by Matt Woods on Mon, Aug 28, 2017 @ 01:42 PM

How to Select & Properly Install a Hidden Home Wall Safe

Posted by Matt Woods on Mon, Aug 28, 2017 @ 01:42 PM


Homeowners who are worried about burglary incidents can always install a hidden wall safe to maximize security for valuables and safety for guns. A majority of burglars spend no more than six minutes inside of a home and will search only the most obvious places for valuables. This makes a wall safe one of the best choices for home security, and homeowners have many other options apart from simply concealing the safe behind a painting or other simple wall covering.

Wall Safes for the Home

One type of hidden wall safe that is relatively easy to install is reminiscent of a power outlet. Using a designated key, homeowners can store everything from jewelry to heirlooms in these safes. Construction is usually made of hard plastic and metal installed similar to an electrical box. This type of safe doesn’t require a lot of expertise or experience with safe installation to put into place.

What Size Safe Should I Purchase?

Like with every other safe, wall safe capacity will also depend on the size of the safe. A wall safe can measure as small as 7 inches high by 3.5 inches wide by 2.5 inches deep, or much larger. You should determine what type of items you want to store and their combined size before selecting a safe for storage, as you might be surprised at how little space there is for proper storage, or find that you’ve spent more than you needed to on a safe that’s too spacious.

Steps to Installing a Wall Safe

The initial step you should take when installing a home wall safe is to determine where the safe should be located. Ideally, you should choose a wall that’s easily accessed. Materials provided will typically include a template, but you should measure the wall to determine where it should be placed. Depending on the type of safe you install, you will need to make sure it’s installed between wall studs.

You can locate studs in the walls by using a stud finder, and mark the locations of the studs using a pencil. Place the safe template on the wall and trace the safe’s opening around it. Keep in mind that concealed wall safes need to be attached to wall studs. Next, you should cut around the outline of the opening using a drywall saw. Then you can place your safe in the opening and ensure it fits adequately.

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Once you’ve placed the safe in the wall, you need to secure it to the wall studs with screws. Drive the screws into the wall stud by using a power drill. The total amount of screws needed will depend on the overall size and type of wall safe. While fitting the safe in the hole in the wall, use a level to further make sure it’s a proper fit. You can adjust the position of the safe if it’s not level, until it’s balanced between the wall studs. Once it’s in, close the safe door to make sure the safe itself functions properly.

Concealing Home Wall Safes

Many wall safes need to be concealed in the wall, which you can do using many types of inconspicuous objects such as paintings or framed photographs. You can also mount a flat screen TV over it, which is a location that burglars may overlook, particularly if they don’t have time to take the TV off of the mount. However, one of the most effective ways to hide a wall safe is to replace the piece of drywall you cut out during installation and repair the wall. The latter is only ideal if you don’t intend to access the safe for a long period of time, as you’ll need to cut the wall again to access it.

Are Wall Safes Fireproof and Secure?

Most high-quality fire safes are capable of resisting fire to a certain extent, which you can find out by checking the safe’s fire rating. They are also among the most secure, and while they may not necessarily be tougher than other types of safes, their concealability makes them potentially much more effective at hiding and protecting your valuables.

If you want some top-quality wall safes for your home, turn to Acme Lock for a variety of options. You’ll be able to find the perfect wall safe, and we’ll help make sure that installation is quick and easy. We also carry a wide range of other types of safes to maximize the security of valuables, guns, and other possessions.

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