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3 Reason to Choose Valspar Paint

Posted by Matt Woods on Thu, Jun 06, 2013 @ 09:42 AM

3 Reason to Choose Valspar Paint

Posted by Matt Woods on Thu, Jun 06, 2013 @ 09:42 AM

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Valspar paint

Valspar Corporation is one of the world’s largest paint and tarnish companies. From its humble beginnings it has grown to be counted among the foremost paint companies; serving well known clients such as Coca-Cola and John Deere. Selection, quality and low odor are among the reasons consumers choose Valspar Paint.

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Valspar can be procured in a variety of sheens and finishes; flat, satin, eggshell, semi-gloss and gloss. Their humidity resistant paint is outstanding for clean-up and preventing mold in kitchen and bathrooms, and the paint with primer included presents the best coverage for every surface. Valspar also offers every color imaginable. From bright and bold to warm and muted, each color lends itself to a unique design idea. With over 2000 Valspar colors from which to choose, selecting a paint color may be the hardest part of the job.


Valspar is touted by contractors, home owners and do-it-yourselfers as high quality paint offered at reasonable prices. With products that supply durable, premium coverage, consumers can save time and money by choosing Valspar over its competitors. Valspar paint is also scrubbable, making clean-up a breeze. In addition, Valspar Corporation prides itself on being a leader among its peers in technology and customer service.

Low VOC/Low Odor         

Volatile organic compounds, known as VOCs, are found in almost all household paints. VOCs and paint odor can cause headaches, throat irritation and asthma, and many people don’t like to hang out or sleep in a freshly painted room for several days. Valspar paints are low VOC and low odor, allowing consumers to get back to the business of living in their homes without the discomfort of paint smell and fumes.

As the only hardware store in the downtown area, Cincinnati Acme Lock and Hardware has provided excellence in customer service since 1933.  Now, Acme Lock and Hardware carries Valspar paint; offering customers an array of designer colors for their painting needs. Contact uswith questions, or come down and browse our selection of premium Valspar brand paint.

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