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The Different Types of Home Safe Technology

Posted by Matt Woods on Wed, Jul 26, 2017 @ 09:00 AM

The Different Types of Home Safe Technology

Posted by Matt Woods on Wed, Jul 26, 2017 @ 09:00 AM

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Modern safes include many reliable safety features to help ensure that burglars can’t break into them with ease, while simultaneously making them more accessible for owners. There are plenty of ways to access safes while eliminating the older traditional locks. Older locks such as combination and key locks are easier to figure out and manipulate compared to these developments.

Home Safe with Timer Lock

One of the newer types of safe locking systems that can benefit homeowners is a timer lock. Home safes with timer locks are unique in that they can only allow access at specific designated times that the owner sets. It’s particularly ideal for people who want to control their habits when accessing valuables. Most locks offer a wide range of access times, anywhere from a minute to a week, and at specific times.

Home Safe with Keypad

While combination locks may not be the most secure these days, with plenty of ways for burglars to figure out their combinations or simply pry the safe open, home safes with keypads can offer more protection. These locking mechanisms use an electronic number lock system that requires the owner to set and use a specific number that isn’t as easy to manipulate as a traditional combination lock. This type of safe can provide sufficient protection for many types of items, while helping ensure that only the owner can figure out the number sequence.

Home Safe with Fingerprint Lock

Biometrics have been used in many workplaces for access control and time and attendance, but today homeowners can benefit from this technology on everything from smartphones to safes. Home safes with fingerprints require users to open the safe using a recognizable fingerprint, which is much more secure than traditional locking systems. While anyone can use a number sequence to open a safe without the owner, a home safe with fingerprint technology makes sure that only the owner can physically unlock it. Few security mechanisms are as secure as a fingerprint lock, as no one can replicate your fingerprint.

These are a few of the more recent developments made in safe locking technology. With these implemented in home safes, burglars are far less likely to be able to access your valuables. Acme Lock carries locks with some of the most secure locking systems available, which you can learn more about by reading about our many safe designs.

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