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Why You Need a Home Safe

Posted by Matt Woods on Thu, Apr 06, 2017 @ 09:00 AM

Why You Need a Home Safe

Posted by Matt Woods on Thu, Apr 06, 2017 @ 09:00 AM

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You may never have considered installing a safe in your home, but if you have documents, computer files, or other valuables to protect, a home safe may be the answer.What Home Safes Provide

Safes are for the rich and famous, right? Nothing could be further form the truth! Everyone has something they want to protect. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have million dollar jewels or a stash of cash you want to keep safely hidden, a home safe can still offer your family the protection it needs. Here are just some of the benefits of installing a security safe:

  • Fire & Flood Protection: natural disasters can destroy property in minutes. Keep your most important documents, pictures and valuables safe inside a heat-proof and waterproof security chest.
  • Burglary Safety: Theft is a major concern these days. Most home intruders are looking for what they can grab quickly. Safeguard your most precious valuables by hiding them away in a locked safe.
  • Gun Protection: if you own a gun, the safest place to store it is away from prying eyes (and hands). A home safe offers a place to store firearms while still giving you quick access in case of an emergency.
  • Computer Backup Protection: what would you do if you lost all of the data on your personal computer? Store backup files and disks in a temperature controlled security chest for safekeeping.
  • Convenience: storing important documents in a safe deposit drawer at the bank may seem like a good idea – until you need access to those papers. A locked safe at home gives you the convenience to get to your important paperwork quickly and easily.


What Type of Home Safe is Best?

Once you make the decision to install a safe in your home, you will have to decide which kind is best. Security safes come in a variety of sizes and options. Choosing one really depends on what you have to store and what you are protecting your valuable against.Wall safes are great for documents and small valuables, and can be easily hidden behind cabinets, photos, etc. They offer quick access to valuables, but remain hidden from view.Larger safes are harder to hide, but make it easier to store larger items like firearms. This type of locked safe is usually kept in a bedroom or closet.Size is not the only thing to consider when buying a safe. Here are a few other things factors to think about:
  • Fireproofing: if you are keeping documents, computer files or photographs in your safe, be sure that it can withstand a fire.
  • Water Retardant: floods can cause a lot of damage in a home. Whether it is a broken pipe or a natural disaster, you want to make sure that your valuables are safely hidden away in a waterproof safe.
  • Electronic or standard Locking device: do you want you safe to accessible via an electronic keypad; standard key; or turn lock? Think about who will have access and how you want them getting into your safe.
  • Added security measures: there are a lot of ways to keep your valuables safe. Discuss added security measures with your safe vendor when purchasing a security chest for your home.


Finding the Right Home Safe

Buying a safe for your valuables can seem a bit daunting. That is why you end the experts at Acme Lock to help you. Call today to speak with a qualified professional who can explain the kinds of home security safes available today and help you choose just the right one for your home.


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